A Colorful Adventure

A Colorful Adventure

So I think it's pretty obvious that since I create art for a living, I also like to go and see other people's art in the world. My husband and I thought it would be fun to get out of town and take a trip down to Newfields and visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

We are also super into breakfast foods, so we took a side trip to a place called Milktooth. If you are ever in Indy, you HAVE to visit this place. The atmosphere is  really industrial/vintage/hipster and is owned by Jonathan Brooks, one of Indy's highest profile chefs. There was an hour long wait, but it was totally worth it. The sorghum glazed bacon literally made me want to faint it was so delicious. Anyways, not the reason I'm writing, but absolutely worth the side bar commentary...

On to Newfields.

I love the art museum in Indy. I have been several times over the years and they are always coming up with new ways to engage people. Right now, they have a strong focus on a bunch of Japanese culture - even a pop up tea house where you can try all different types of traditional Japanese teas. Next month they will have a pop up noodle shop as a continuation of celebrating Japanese culture! A really neat touch that falls inline with their current exhibitions.

There were so many lovely exhibitions that it's hard to choose my favorite... The header I have chosen for this post is titled "Strawberry Thief" by William Morris, designer, British (1834-1896). It is a cotton furnishing fabric crafted in 1883 that was indigo-discharged and block printed. I was most attracted to the deep colors and vining patterns. Morris found thrushes stealing strawberries from his kitchen garden which became the center subject in this repeating pattern textile. These little every day things can be great for finding new inspiration. You just have to be tuned in to your surroundings.

I really wanted to see something at the art museum and have a lightbulb go off in my head like "yes, wow, I'm so inspired by this thing and I can write about it today," but I really didn't have that feeling. Sometimes you won't always get that bolt of lightning that you want. Inspiration is a fickle thing. It will come and go, but it will never strike exactly when you think it will. 

This trip was more about experiencing the art and being a part of the community. We had a great time exploring all four floors that the Indy Art Museum has to offer. The breadth of work it holds is inspiring in and of itself. There are pieces from all parts of the world. It was a beautiful experience even though I didn't get a lightbulb of inspiration. Sometimes you just have to take it in stride and accept and appreciate whatever comes your way.

This day, I got to take my husband on his first art museum experience.

This day, I got to see the look on his face when a piece really resonated with him.

This day, I got to hold his hand and talk with him about different artists I recognized and studied.

Even though I was distracted looking for that strike of inspiration, I should live in the moment and recognize the special moments that are right in front of me.

One final thought that I came across walking through the design gallery is the following quote: 

Colors are like words. With colors you can tell stories.

      -Ettore Sottsass, Italian architect and designer (1917-2007)

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