Block of LOVE + A Sweet Surprise

Block of LOVE + A Sweet Surprise

This past weekend, Wonderful Wild Souls got to join MudLOVE and Water for Good for their annual community Block of LOVE: Maker's Mart! It took place in Winona Lake, Indiana and there was yoga in the park in the morning, a picnic lunch, numerous makers to shop around with and live music! We also got the opportunity to learn more about the mission and accomplishments of Water for Good and MudLOVE.

Did you know that more than 663 million people still live without access to safe drinking water? And that 1 in 5 children in the Central African Republic won't live past the 3rd grade? What about the fact that unsafe drinking water is a bigger killer than war and violence in that region? These are just a few things I have learned about the realities of something that we take for granted every day. Puts it into perspective.

The mission of Water for Good is as follows:

Tackling water poverty in one of the world’s most forgotten countries. Our goal? Clean, lasting water for every man, woman, and child in the Central African Republic.

It was humbling listening to the presentation of everything Water for Good strives to achieve. They not only build wells, but they also teach local people how to maintain them and build other wells, so they can continue bringing safe drinking water to the entire Central African Republic.

And once the country is taken care of, they will move onto others in need in hopes of bringing clean drinking water to all of Africa. Dreaming big is what these people do! And they do an amazing job of planning, organizing and executing.

Keep the water flowing!

A Sweet Surprise

Sister SurpriseI didn't think anyone I knew would be able to make it to the event because it is 2-3 hours away depending on where you're coming from. A lady ran up to my booth and excitedly said, "Do I know you? I think I know you." And I stumbled for a second and I asked where she was from (maybe we went to school together?) And then she looked behind her, so I naturally looked too and there she was. My sister! I was ecstatic. My jaw dropped to the floor and I ran out from behind my booth and grabbed her. I couldn't let go of her for two reasons: 1. I was so excited and 2. she has narcolepsy with cataplexy and she definitely would have collapsed onto the floor. When she experiences strong emotions such as laughing, the muscles in her body relax and it's a really bizarre thing to watch. But she's ok! She is learning to cope with it. She is one of the strongest people I know.

This image is a very real representation of our sisterly relationship.

Upcoming Event: Starry Night!

This Saturday, September 14th from 7pm - midnight is my favorite event of the year, guys... STARRY NIGHT! A West Lafayette music and arts festival and it's amazing and beautiful and a glorious night and all of you should come. I have gone almost every year that I have lived here (almost 7 years) and I'm so pumped to be a vendor! How validating is that as a maker and business owner. <3

The community that Starry Night brings together is so rich and inviting. There are so many wonderful aspects from the people running around with polaroid cameras to take your picture to the hot caramel apple cider from Greyhouse and the vibrant live bands! It is definitely not to be missed.

Hope to see you there! :)

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Thank you for having me, Rusty! It was great to meet you and the rest of the team as well. :)


Thank you for joining us at Makers Mart! It was a delight to meet you and we wish you all kinds of success!


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