Creating My First Timelapse

Creating My First Timelapse

I see timelapses all over my Instagram feed. Illustrators and designers do it ALL the time, so I decided it was my turn! The main features of my timelapse include: my cat (Twitch), my pretty iPad Pro, one of my 32 plants and me trying to position myself so I don't get in the way of my own video.

A day of work is not complete without my main sidekick, Twitch. I have another sidekick, but he is much more independent. Maybe he will appear in later blog posts. :)

Short explanation of first sidekick: Twitch has been in my life for almost 7 years now and I love him oh so very much. He is a rescue that I have been able to bring out of his shell. :) His personality has blossomed quite a bit since I've been taking care of him. Now he is my little shadow.

Anyways, onto the point of my post... (I would talk about my cats all day if no one stopped me.) For my equipment, I used my iPhone X because the camera rocks and I also purchased this selfie ring light with cell phone holder. (I almost died when I saw these were called selfie camera holders... Like I didn't know that was a thing?) All jokes aside, I bought it and it's awesome. It attaches right to the side of my desk. The arm is a tad short, so I did have to finagle some a little perch for it to be on and then I attached it to a heavy book.

I did super minor editing in iMovie on my phone. Basically I just adjusted the speed and added the intro text. Learning new things all the time!

I'll probably get better at my camera angles, but I didn't want it to be directly over top because I have a tendency to lean over my work and I was afraid my head would block the entire thing!

I really wish I would have started doing this sooner because now I have a bunch of illustrations and no super cool timelapse video! I hope you enjoy this process video of my eighth Wonderful Wild Souls illustration, "Stuck in Love." 

Below is the finished piece!

Stuck in Love Illustration

Until next time!

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