Wow, I can't believe I'm almost there! These past few months have flown by with planning, researching, gathering advice, nitty gritty business things, creating, bouncing ideas around... And believe me... I have SO many ideas that I can't wait to share and add awesome products and new creations to my shop for you all to enjoy!

Wonderful Wild Souls Launch DayI am currently the most stoked about my gorgeous prints... The color is unbelievable. No photos can do it justice. I guess you will just have to buy something to see for yourself... ;) Anyways, my printer did an amazing job and they have been so great and patient with me.

I researched printers for several weeks before deciding on CSKern of Muncie, Indiana. I had a very specific quality and feel I was looking for, and no online printer with their standard papers could match the customized order I was looking for.

I know normal people don't know very much about paper, but guys... This 130 lb. solar white classic linen I chose... is literally amazing. The "130 lb." refers to the weight of the paper which is very heavy (not your typical icky, flimsy 70 lb. glossy posters you buy at Walmart. Ewwww.) Nah, fam, this is the real good stuff that I know you will love! The paper also has a beautiful texture called "linen" that interacts really well with the textures of my actual illustrations. It's gorgeous, like really. The header image shows the texture some, but it's so much nicer in person.

My general thoughts and feelings of starting a creative business... DAMN. I have never done this before, but I'm the type of person that asks everything and everyone for their thoughts/feelings/experiences/feedback. I have asked a lot of people a lot of things and I have gotten a lot of encouragement and I could never have done this without my amazing husband and wonderful support system.

I hope you personally identify with at least one of my Wonderful Wild Souls. Because these guys are right from the heart. There will be new friends and new things added all the time! You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the adventure. It has been a lot of fun, but also very challenging so far! I have learned so much already. I am following my passion and I've never been able to envision something so clearly!

This feels good.

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