Lucy Builds a Snowman

Learning Animation

Wow, have I been slacking in being consistent with my blog posts. But hey, we're all human! I'm trying to learn how to give myself a little more grace...

It happens.

But I want to start off 2020 by diving back in! I have so many amazing things planned for Wonderful Wild Souls this year and you better believe I will be keeping you in the loop... (But not yet because that would be too easy. ;) )

First off, I want to share a new skill that I have added to my repertoire – creating GIFs! The app that I use for illustrating, Procreate, released animated GIFs as a capability. I have watched a couple YouTube tutorials (Thank you, Lisa Bardot) and I have figured out the basics at least!

I love how adding a simple animation brings a whole new level of interest to the piece. It really brings my creatures to life! I can't wait to do more of these.

I mean, just look below at Rainy Day Betty and Paw Paw in this ideal skating scenario – surrounded by big, fat, fluffy snowflakes and pink trees! I had so much fun creating this illustration. You can see more GIFs on my Facebook and Instagram pages!

Rainy Day Betty and Paw Paw Christmas Edition

The weird, fun thing you have to do to get the GIF uploaded to Instagram is to actually convert it to an MP4 file. I do this by using the app, GifVid. It's only $0.99 in the app store! It's very handy for all my GIF to vid or vid to GIF needs.

I'm working on figuring out the limitations of the app and how to get the best possible outcome. So far I have been pleased! Learning as I go. And the possibilities are endless!

The feature image is entitled: Lucy Builds a Snowman. And look at those cute little trees! I've really enjoyed developing my illustration style. More full scenes to come!


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Yay! This is so exciting. Excited to see more of your creations!

Chelsea Shamy

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