Who is Milo?

Who is Milo?

Milo is a nocturnal creature which means he likes to come out and play at night! His specialty is building tree forts. To make his own home though, he uses his talons to burrow into the dirt around the large roots of the biggest and wisest tree in the forest. This is his safe haven. He is a helper to all and seeks out injured creatures to befriend and build ideal homes for. Even in tough situations, a simple smile can go a long way.

Milo hides among the leaves using his color-shifting skin. His current state is ideal for Autumn. When he is feeling playful (which is often), he likes to hide very quietly and jump out and surprise passing wild souls and forest friends. No one can surprise the surpriser.

He also makes a habit of giving out free hugs! Although his little leggies make it a bit difficult considering the number and shape of them. It’s the thought that counts, right?.. He’s just trying to brighten your day!

As a nocturnal creature, Milo has a special friendship with lightning bugs who like to light up his house in the nighttime. They enjoy his smiles and occasional dad jokes. A rare sight to see, Milo can only be spotted at sunset, but where is the question?

Milo is available as an 8x10 poster, 5x7 postcard and sticker. (And coming soon an enamel pin!)

The header image shows my progress in revamping this illustration. Everything is a process!

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