Rainy Day Betty, the Executive

Rainy Day Betty, the Executive

Rainy Day Betty is the Executive of the Hidden Wild Souls. She is in charge of wandering the Wild Souls neighborhood to make sure everything is in order, making sure the humans don't stumble upon them and also protecting Paw Paw, the Keeper of Secrets. The umbrella she carries has only one use - to cover up Paw Paw when it storms (more on her later!) In short, if anyone has a problem, they come to Rainy Day Betty (aka The Boss).

She has a "mama bear" type personality and she will do anything for her fellow Wild Souls. It wasn't easy getting into this position though. Rainy Day Betty attended several schools, acquired many degrees and went to workshops for 100 years to prepare her for her responsibility as Executive of the Hidden Wild Souls. A leader at heart, she enjoys the company of all creatures and helping them with any need they may have.

Rainy Day Betty's main pride and joy is her little sister, Bessy. They bicker like an old couple and love each other through thick and thin. The "mama bear" facet of Rainy Day Betty will kick in whenever Bessy gets into any kind of trouble and can swoop in at a moments notice to save her from harm. It's like she has a radar for it!

Needless to say, Rainy Day Betty is very wise and experienced. She has perfected the craft of thrift store shopping. If there is a bargain within a 150 mile radius, Betty will find it. Although thrifty, she will pay whatever price to shop at the Wild Souls' small businesses to support the town. #shopsmall

One of Rainy Day Betty's favorite past times are naps and working with her hands. Any project she can get her hands on in her free time typically are sent out as gifts to other creatures. She enjoys giving back, but also staying energized with quick 20-minute power naps throughout the day to stay at her sharpest.

One other important thing to note about Rainy Day Betty is that she is the only Wild Soul that can communicate with Beep & Boop, the most ancient creatures. She spent a good portion of her 100-year education living amongst them and picked up on their tones and beeps. Only spoken, the written language still cannot be translated.

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