Say Hello to Jenny Sue

Say Hello to Jenny Sue

Jenny Sue has got an attitude. The only wild soul that throws shade, but is also the cutest thing under the sea. Find her bopping around in the depths of the Sea of Marmara charming other sea creatures.

Her past times consist of blowing bubbles, practicing crossing her eyes and judging if the outfit you are wearing is working or not.

Being as tiny as she is, her BFFs are a dumbo octopus and starfish. This formidable, tiny sea squad run the waters. They typically hit up karaoke night at the local reef. You can see them on Thursday afternoons dominating Purple Rain by Prince (RIP). You haven't lived until you've seen their trio perform.

When she's not lolligagging with her sea squad, she spends her professional life editing the local gossip column, Into the Coral. If you want to know something about someone, you go to Jenny Sue – she's got the hot goss. Like did you hear what went down with Narwhal and Sea Lion? Unreal... Check out her column next week for the deets.

Jenny Sue is available as an 8x10 poster, 5x7 postcard and sticker. (And pssst... she's going to be the very first enamel pin available in a few weeks! So stay tuned for that.)

UPDATE: Jenny Sue is now an enamel pin! Find her hanging out here in the enamel pin section of my online store.

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