The One & Only Lucy

The One & Only Lucy

Lucy is a real go-getter, but she also loves chillaxin' by any body of water... She prefers to rock a romper and also has a passion for entrepreneurship. Lucy started her own business several years ago, Lucy's Island Adventure, so that every Wild Soul could have a budget-friendly, dreamy vacay. She wanted it to be "all the rage" as the kids say (or maybe they used to say, I can't keep up).

The neat thing about Lucy's Island Adventure is that it's actually alive. She took the idea of a typical cruise ship and all the bells and whistles, and hired a full-time gigantic turtle creature that loves toting about the ocean and keeping everyone company. It even has the power to create endless amounts of ice for all of the delicious drinks and smoothies. Her cruise line is complete with tiny umbrella beach beverages, poolside (or oceanside) chillin' and even houses her highly sought after romper clothing line, "Lucy's Rompies."

Many sailors have tried to seek out the wonderland that is Lucy's Island Adventure, but they have only heard faint bass in the distance... The path it takes is unpredictable because, well... you're riding a giant turtle. It is unknown where the turtle will take you, so you better just enjoy the ride! (Hint, hint... I've heard the fifth dimension trip is coming up soon, but don't tell Lucy I told you.)

If we're talking personality, Lucy has so much of it. She is the most outgoing Wild Soul and always will keep the party going. She gets along with everything and everyone and always has a good story to share. Her happy-go-lucky attitude will have you feelin' like you've got a pocket full of sunshine (*Cue Emma Stone in Easy A).

Lucy is an "anything goes" kinda gal. Hop on her Island Adventure, don't worry about a thing and off sailin' away you'll go... She lives in a perpetual summer dream world comprised of bright, shining sun, big sunglasses and funky hair. With Lucy, you just let go and "do."

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