Welcome, everyone! I'm so happy you're here! I'm ready to get this thing rollin'.

I launched my store this past Wednesday and the response was awesome! I've been gearing up for this moment for the past several months and it's so encouraging to have my friends and family so excited for me. I am so grateful for this little adventure I have started!

My wild creatures have been set free on the world to go forth and spread positivity, happiness and hugs.

I have packaged up my first orders and they're in the mail on the way to my first customers! Everything I have dreamed is coming to life! I was especially pumped to use my custom packaging tape for the first time (shown above). It's so cute and adds a lovely, personal touch to my packaging. Sticker Mule did a great job and they were so easy to work with.

I feel like I'm over the initial obstacles! (But probably not - there are always new challenges, but with challenge comes opportunity!)

I've gone through such mixed emotions throughout this entire process. Some days I'm like "oh YEAH, this is great and everyone is going to love these little critters" and other days I'm like "OMG what have I gotten myself into why am I even doing this." There isn't really any in between. (My super supportive husband can tell you that with confidence.)

BUT I have worked really, really hard to get here. I have researched and planned and created and thought through just about every little detail I could think of. I have short-term and long-term goals for this business and I can't wait to grow and expand. I make lists and schedules and bounce ideas off of my husband's entrepreneurial brain. I have been taking one step at a time and try not to get overwhelmed by the big responsibility of owning your own business.

Sometimes you have to just learn as you go. You're never going to know everything until you just DO. So I'm going to just do and see where it takes me.


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YAY! Super happy for you and proud of you.

Chelsea Shamy

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