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Quirky and Colorful Creatures for the Curious Heart

The Wonderful Wild Souls society is hidden from the rest of the world. They live in their own little bubble and don’t stay in any one place. They might partially resemble creatures that we recognize today, but they aren’t to be labeled and put into a box. They are their own beings with different personality quirks. (Aren’t we all?)

Every single one of us is different. Different looks, different personality, different in what speaks to our hearts… But what do we have in common? We want to be happy. We want to love. We don’t want to grow up! So here’s to the World of Wonderful Wild Souls and teaching us that everyone’s a little weird and that’s ok. Maybe even lean into that weird a little bit! It makes you, you.

Get to know each creature and find which one you relate to! Maybe it is Carl and his love of high flying, scarf-tying and goggle wearing. Or Rainy Day Betty with her mama bear protectiveness and boss attitude. Have you heard about Jenny Sue and her tiny formidable sea squad? That’s a creature not to miss.

Need a quirky, sweet and unique gift for your favorite young heart? Nothing beats seeing your loved one happy and smiling! Or maybe you want to treat yourself by adding some colorful quirkiness to your life! Whatever the need, the Wonderful Wild Souls have got your back. With their distinct personalities and styles, there is truly something for everyone.

The Wonderful Wild Souls have one mission in life - to make you smile! The Wild Souls represent the happiness, brightness and diversity life can bring. Let them be a bright spot in a world that’s sometimes not so bright.

Wonderful Wild Souls illustrations are created for kids and adults alike - anyone who is young at heart! Perfect for adding an extra layer of liveliness to your world.



Jess McGregor | IllustratorThe Wonderful Wild Souls are created from the mind and creativity of Jess McGregor. She is a designer, illustrator and cat lover. Her home and heart lie in the Midwest of the USA. Her history is rooted in art and has developed into a full-blown career as a graphic designer. Her work combines her love of bright colors, quirky things and creativity.

Jess lets her pencil guide her rather than having an exact plan of what she wants each creature to look like. Their personalities reveal themselves to her as she illustrates them. Some even start as scribbles on a page! Creativity is a powerful thing that ebbs and flows and cannot be manipulated. It has to speak to you.