About Soulflower Print Co.

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Why Soulflower? Urban Dictionary says it best.


1. Soulflower is someone of a beautiful spirit, peace of mind and is usually happy and embraces everyday life.

2. A hippie, or free spirit who is very optimistic and bliss of life.

3. Someone who is usually into music, poetry and happiness.

And, like, I'm into all that stuff. I'm also into dancing and working with my hands and playing with my cats and doing stuff that generally makes me happy. Screen printing makes me happy. Screen printing lights me up inside. I've been searching for several years to find that thing that gave me a spark and made me want to say "hell yeah!"

I went through the first 29 years of my life where I didn't know what I was supposed to do, or what my purpose was, or why I was put on God's green Earth. It took a lot of digging, time and self reflection. And a lot of therapy, meditation, and growth to say the least. But I'm proud of what I've built, and will continue to build.

I want this place to be a safe haven full of good vibes and positivity. Things that I've struggled to focus on in life, but continue to be grateful for each day and each new opportunity. I want to lend a helping hand for others trying to find their happiness and place in this world.

This world is many things, but it's something that we all belong to. We're all just people trying to make it through life and have some fun along the way. So why don't we do it together?

Be a bright spot in a world that’s sometimes not so bright.

About the Designer / Screen Printer / Artist / Human

Jess McGregor, Screenprinter, Artist, Owner
Soulfower Print Co. was created from the mind and creativity of Jess McGregor. She is a graphic designer, screen printer, illustrator, wife and cat mom. Proudly rooted in the heart of the Midwest, USA, Jess has cultivated her artistic background into a thriving career as a designer and small business owner. Her work combines various passions such as  positive affirmations, illustrating, bohemian aesthetics, vintage vibes and getting messy in the screen printing process.