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Based in West Lafayette, Indiana, I meticulously upcycle textiles, turning thrifted clothing into one-of-a-kind treasures. I’m dedicated to eco-conscious practices, such as using water-based inks in my studio (the basement of our home), along with other sustainable practices ensuring that every piece not only looks good, but also feels good for the planet.

The before times...

Before starting Soulflower Print Co., I spent years searching for my true passion. I love dancing, working with my hands, playing with my cats, doing yoga, spending quality time with my husband, and finding things that genuinely bring me joy. But it was screenprinting that truly lit me up inside and made me say, "hell yeah!" It took 29 years, a lot of digging, therapy, meditation, and self-reflection to discover my purpose.

Now, I'm proud of what I've built and excited about the journey ahead. I want Soulflower to be a safe haven filled with good vibes and positivity, a place where others can find a little bit of happiness and self-expression.

YOU bring my art to life!

Connecting with customers is one of the highlights of running Soulflower Print Co. Through local markets and events in Lafayette, Indianapolis and Bloomington, I get the chance to meet the amazing people who bring my art to life. Seeing the joy on someone's face when they find a design that resonates with them is truly special.

These interactions go beyond transactions—they're moments of shared creativity and inspiration. I love hearing your stories and seeing how you incorporate my designs into your lives, making each piece a statement of individuality and positivity.

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Handmade, sustainable fashion.

I believe in the power of self-expression through clothing. My designs are more than just images; they're affirmations, stories, and pieces of my soul. Creating apparel that resonates with people and encourages them to express themselves boldly is what drives me every day.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, for supporting handmade, curated fashion, and for celebrating the vibrant connection between art, clothing, and community.

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