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Do you create your designs?

Jess is the artistic mastermind behind every design gracing our thrifted, upcycled apparel. Each creation carries an empowering message, vivid imagery, and a lovely touch of whimsy. Her unique style seamlessly weaves together her passions for positive affirmations, pastels, the beauty of nature, and the world of art. No imagery is taken from any other source.

How are the shirts truly one-of-a-kind?

One of the best things about screen printing and using second hand clothing is that each piece is truly one of a kind. No two shirt styles or design are the same. Each print is an original design, hand-illustrated, converted to a digital design in Adobe software, and screen printed in our studio. We ensure each of our shirts is unique by mixing inks in-house and hand pulling each print. Slight variations may occur in color and image placement which are signs of handmade craftsmanship and adds to the vintage theme of the product. Your shirt is the only one like it and will never be replicated!

Where are the clothes screenprinted?

With the assistance of her husband, Jess transformed her basement into her screenprinting studio. She is based in West Lafayette, Indiana. All of the apparel is printed on-site at her home studio.

Why do you screenprint on thrifted apparel? Why not buy wholesale?

Using second hand clothing reduces each item’s carbon footprint significantly. Clothes that end up in landfills may spend more than 200 years breaking down and negatively affecting our environment and planet. If Jess is able to make a small impact in this way, she is going to do it. We only get one planet. All clothes are thrifted from local thrift shops.

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly, water based inks that are cured with a heat press. Our inks have a soft hand feel to the touch. Every piece is hand-pulled and screen printed through high mesh aluminum screens for clear, beautiful images.

No harsh chemicals are used in the studio. Clothes are thoroughly washed, checked for imperfections or stains, and hand selected by the owner.

How do I care for my beautiful screenprinted apparel?

Turn garment inside out. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Screenprint design may fade over time with many washes, but this adds to the soft touch look of the item.